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This new metaheuristic algorithm first presented in  2st International Eurasian Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications , Saraybosna, Bosna Hersek , Ağustos 2013. Proceedings book in here.

Meta-heuristic algorithms enhanced by inspiring from the behaviors of livings in nature take very important roles in solutions of optimization problems. In this study, a new meta-heuristic algorithm having been constituted by inspiring from the attitudes of a kind of inspect known as cricket is presented. In the phase of composition of new algorithm, some meta-heuristic algorithms such as Firefly and Bat are studied and the similar ways of these algorithms are applied. Further, a new approach applied for the analyses of optimization problems by using its own authentic characteristics such as making a forecast of the weather by courtesy of the number of fluttering of cricket and the audio frequency in this temperature is developed. The results of applications enhanced in concern with algorithms are compared with the results of algorithms including Firefly, Bat,Particle Swarm, Genetic Algorithm.

*Image from Measurement Journal
Then this metaheuristic algorithm send  as a paper to publication to  these journals.

Swarm Intelligence (Springer) submitted date 21 Jan 2014
Sadhana (Springer) submitted date 25 Feb 2014
Scientific Research and Essays submitted date 16 April 2014
Mathematical Problems in Engineering (Hindavi) submitted date 06 Agust 2014

These journals rejected the paper. Reject reasons are in here.

Then paper was revised and send to Measurement Journal (Elsevier) in 19 Dec 2014.

The paper was accepted by Measurement journal on 23 February 2015. The paper is online now.